A Car-free Year – Everyday Life with Light Electric Vehicles

One year commuting with an electric bike has less climate impact than one single day’s commuting with a car. Furthermore, you gain both time and money.

This project aims at showing how families’ transportations work with electric bikes, electric scooters and four-wheeled electric motorbikes instead of cars. We want to encourage more to transition to sustainable transportation solutions. We also want to show the possible gains this could mean if this was to happen at a larger scale and what changes the city would need to adapt.

The project has two parts:

The car-free year: We study the changed practices of three families who during one year replaced their cars with light electric vehicles.

The car-free city: The insights from the families’ experiences of the car-free year were developed into design concepts of possible city life if more people chose light electric vehicles for transportation.

The project is funded by The Swedish Energy Agency and is a collaboration with Sustainable Innovation and MID at KTH Royal Institute of Technology as well as the design agency Propeller. The project started in December 2013 and will continue until June 2016.

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