Green Leap wants to be a catalyst for change, which means that we make results not only as research publications, but also as visualisations and events. Below you can see some of our most recent results, to the left you can read more about the visualisations, publications and events.

Three papers from the project A Car-free Year

Within the project A Car-free Year a number of research papers have been published and presented at three different design research conferences. In 2015 we presented at Nordes 2015: Design Ecologies in Stockholm, Sweden and in 2016 we presented at CHI 2016:chi4good in San Jose, USA and at DRS2016: Future-Focused Thinking in Brighton, UK. It is not always easy challenging the car norm, but the way there is certainly exciting and will be continued.

Hesselgren, M., Hasselqvist, H. and Eriksson, E. 2015, ’A Car-free year: Providing Vehicles for Change’ (pdf 2.3 MB)
Hasselqvist, H., Hesselgren, M. and Bogdan, C. 2016, ’Challenging the Car Norm: Opportunities for ICT to Support Sustainable Transportation Practices’ (pdf 3.2 MB)
Hesselgren, M. and Hasselqvist, H., 2016, ’Give car-free life a try: Designing seeds for changed practices’ (pdf 1.6 MB)

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