The design industry

The aim of the centre is to bring together design and sustainable development. In this respect, design is regarded both as a user-centred methodology and an industry of product and service development. Green Leap has started collaborating with three design consultancies, but looks forward to welcoming all design consultancies that want to be at the forefront of the development of a sustainable society.

The design industry is interested in participating in the centre, this interest is shared by design consultants, training organisers and industry organisations. Design consultants today are strongly aware of environmental issues, but do not have the resources to pursue such issues in their everyday operations.  They also feel that they enter at the wrong level in businesses to conduct more strategically oriented discussions regarding the business investments in sustainability. Design consultants want the centre to offer training and knowledge development, they need contacts with scientists in environmental analysis and technological development. They want to work with cutting-edge projects together businesses that are prepared to think one step further and in projects that are more investigative and open-minded.

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