Corporations and organisations

Corporations and organisations also need to think in new ways and take one step further than they are currently doing in their day-to-day operations. They are interested in knowing how they can work using the design method in order to become more user oriented and creative. They see the centre as a platform for collaboration with the design industry where it is possible to tackle complex issues, test ideas and develop things together. In the projects that Green Leap will be manage, corporations play an important role in establishing ideas in their own everyday businesses.

Many corporations are stuck in a linear mode of thinking and would greatly benefit from collaborating with designers. They realise that Green Leap could act as a match maker and project manager for larger projects where several corporations work together. Within the heavy industry sector, Green Leap hopes to involve energy corporations, but also residential property corporations and recycling corporations are interesting, as well as all producers of consumer goods etc.

Queries regarding energy, lifestyle, recycling etc. are of immediate interest to municipalities and county councils, with construction and town planning obvious receivers.


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