SVID and the Sustainability Guide

Green Leap has started collaborating with SVID and will assume responsibility together with SVID for the keeping of the Sustainability Guide. The Sustainability Guide will be the main channel for communicating inspiration, examples, tools, methods and lots of tips for how you can contribute to a sustainable development.

SVID stands for Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign (Swedish Industrial Design Foundation). SVID wants to get corporations growing and enterprises developing, and sträves for design to be sed in all innovation and chargé endeavors.

SVID operates in the interface between corporations, public service and research where it, in its role as hub can connect, spread knowledge and improve opportunities for development. Operations are conducted in close co-operation with participants in both the public and private sectors. This is done by supplementing design competence in existing structures, as well as participating in the creation of new ones.

The Sustainability Guide was originally developed by SVID with support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). The purpose of the Sustainability Guide is to make business leaders, designers, architects, social developers, product developers, students, researchers and different organisations aware of the role of design methods in the striving towards a more sustainable development. The Sustainability Guide has been developed within the SVID project within Environmentally driven markets that has been financially backed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and constitutes the first step towards gathering information that makes the design of a sustainable future possible.  The aim is to inspire action!

You can read more about SVID here.

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