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Co-kitchen, Sustainable co-living for students

The goal of Co-kitchen is to develop a sustainable, energy-efficient and social student housing of the future.

The kitchen is a central place for energy and resource management in the home, a place for community but also for frictions. Here we need new thinking and new solutions that considers several users in the kitchen using the latest technology. Our goal is to create explorative and creative solutions in terms of energy and resource efficiency, socializing, learning, cooking and hygiene, as well as developing knowledge to influence building regulations.

The project brings together partners from the building, real estate, architecture, service design and appliances together with researchers from KTH, to research, develop and test new housing solutions, products and services. Academic House will build 7000 new student housing and will be able to directly utilize the knowledge in their work.

Project leader is Sara Ilstedt, Green Leap and partners are Academic House, Electrolux, Savvy, Theory into Practice and KTH Live in lab. The project is financed by The Energy Agency.

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