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Design for
sustainable development

Green Leap is a lab for design
and sustainable transition

Woman pointing on a whiteboard while two others watch.
During the workshop, participants discussed, among other things, regulatory changes to facilitate shared accommodation.

Project unites construction titans to revolutionize shared housing

In a series of workshops, the Delbo project will bring together influential actors in the construction sector to open up more shared housing in Sweden.

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In case you missed it: Cokitchen presented at SVID

Sara Ilstedt, KTH, presents results from the project Co-kitchen sustainable co-living for students. The project has focused on the shared kitchen and bathroom in collective housing. The kitchen is a c...

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Photo: Stockholms Akademiska Forum

Our Sara explores "home"

As part of STOCKHOLM EXPLORATIVE TALKS 2023, Sara Ilstedt and fellow explorers ventured into the murky waters of academia's role in bridging perspectives and making our world, specifically in relation...

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A Car-free Year – Everyday Life with Light Electric Vehicles

How can the city of Stockholm support families with children to live without a car? To explore that, three families volunteered to change their car for electric vehicles and cargo bikes for a year. The researchers followed them with interviews and diaries for the entire year. Based on their experiences, concepts for a car-free city were developed. Cycling roads with four lanes, better signage and bicycle space on the subway were some of the suggestions. 

Beyond Efficency

This project explored how to design for socially inclusive energy-efficiency with a larger focus on everyday practices rather than technical efficiency. The research team produced hands-on design proposals of objects and environments with a focus on the physical form that examines how people to a higher extent could be encouraged to live sustainably, as well as how we produce, use and relate to energy in everyday life. 

The Sustainability Arena

The Sustainability Arena is a workshop tool that helps you to understand peoples hinderances and drivers to change to a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether designing products, communication or services, the sustainability arena helps to develop, test and evaluate different concepts and ideas for different audiences. You will understand what support people need in order to change their lifestyle or take in new messages. The material is based on extensive research from Green Leap, KTH in Sweden and has shown that there are large differences in how different value segments relate to sustainability.