Welcome to Green Leap

Green Leap is a research group researching design and sustainable development at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Our overarching aim is act as a catalyst for change by involving design in sustainable development. Our partners could be divided into three categories: Design Industry, Academy and Research plus consultancies and organisations. 

The group is led by  Sara Ilstedt , professor in product and service design together with  Teo Enlund , senior project manager and previously professor in industrial design at Konstfack.

Dissertation on Norm-Critical Design

Karin Erhnberger from Green Leap has defended her doctoral thesis on norm-critical design. Karin has been researching the relationship between norms, form giving and sensemaking. She introduces the discursive design thing as a tool to visualize norms and to create discussion.

A Car-Free Year as film

There are now two short movies (with English subtitles) about the families in the project A Car-Free Year, where we kidnapped the car from three families in Stockholm and replaced them with light electric vehicles. On the page there is also an English summary.

Prototyping the Future

Together with Veryday Design we have created a visualisation of what the future in a sustainable society might look like.