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Current projects within Green Leap

Here you will find information about ongoing projects that we run or are involved in. We work continuously to establish new projects in collaboration with our partners.


Funding: Swedish Energy Agency
Partners: KTH, LTU, Akademiska Hus
Project Leader: Sara Ilstedt
About the project: Design for energy- and resource-efficient shared living forms. Evaluation, policy recommendations and concretization for existing and future student accommodation.

Safe and User-Centered Care in the Home Environment

Funding: Vinnova
Partners: KTH, Stockholms Stad, Capio, Cuviva, Region Stockholm
Project Leader: Magnus Eneberg
About the project: The employee's perspective on obstacles and opportunities for development and increased coordination.


Funding: Swedish Energy Agency
Partners: KTH, Akademiska Hus, KTH Live-in Lab, KTH SEED, TIP, Savvy
Project Leader: Sara Ilstedt
About the project: A multidisciplinary project that for three years has investigated shared housing for students with experimental apartments, service prototypes, interviews, workshops, climate analyzes and financial calculations.

Mistra SAMS

Funding: Mistra
Project leader: Mia Hesselgren
About the project: Mistra SAMS studies digitally supported services for accessibility and mobility, to understand their potential to transform society and contribute to sustainability.

More projects

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