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Building networks and knowledge for sustainable design

This project constitutes the core of the Green Leap mission. It is essentially a combination of our activities building networks and spreading knowledge, and acts as a bridge between the design industry and research in sustainable development.

General aims of the projects

  • To achieve a mutual collaboration between the design industry and technological development and research in the energy and environmental areas.
  • To contribute, through this collaboration, to a product and service development with an increased focus on sustainable development and a more consumer and market oriented technical development and research in this area.

This will be achieved through:

  • gathering skills in the area of design for sustainable development.
  • developing kontakts with leading researchers, seats of learning, and relevant organizations.
  • spreading information via the internet, exhibitions, newsletters, various other publications and public debates.
  • become an active centre of knowledge with an exchange of knowledge through seminars, workshops, training and conferences where the design industry, researchers and trade and industry can meet.
  • organise an international conference annually.
  • initiate collaboration and research projects in close co-operation with corporations in different industries.
  • assist in increasing the design element in engineering programmes.
  • create scenarios for a sustainable future through workshops and projects.
  • coordinate and lead activities in the area.