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Holistic business models and IT services for prosumers

The aim of the project is to increase knowledge of electricity consumers’ need for information and feedback when they become prosumers and to develop business models and IT services that make it easier to be active in the smart grid.

Illustrations Transformator Design

The project is lead by Cajsa Bartusch  at Uppsala University. Green Leap contributes with knowledge from our project Renewable Energy for All and participates together with Transformator design in the development of offers, services and IT support.

The outset is the prevailing uncertainty as to how the active prosumer is supposed to act on the electricity market given the contradictory signals from its different actors. The goal is to increase the share of micro production with photovoltaics in the energy system by developing a holistic concept of business models, information packages, appropriate grid tariffs and electricity supply contracts and IT services that serves the purpose of simplifying the process that precedes the investment as well as supporting and optimizing the daily operation of photovoltaics from the prosumer perspective. The strength of the project is the composition and collective experience of the project group. The novelty lies in the project's holistic approach to the situation of prosumers.

The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment as part of a joint research program in the field of energy-efficient building and living - E2B2. The study, which is highly characterized by interdisciplinarity and industry collaboration, is conducted in cooperation with the research group Green Leap at KTH, a number of companies in the energy industry and a service design company.