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A Car-free Year – Everyday Life with Light Electric Vehicles

One year commuting with an electric bike has less climate impact than one single day’s commuting with a car. Furthermore, you gain both time and money. In this project we kidnapped the car from three families with kids during one year.

In this project we kidnapped the car from three families with kids during one year. The aim was to explore how families’ mobility work with electric bikes, electric scooters and four-wheeled electric motorbikes instead of cars. From their experiences we created a number of design concepts to show how the city could encourage more people to choose sustainable transportation solutions.

The project had two parts:

The car-free year: We studied the changed practices of three families who during one year replaced their cars with light electric vehicles. In this film you can hear their stories.

The car-free city: The insights from the families’ experiences of the car-free year were developed into design concepts to make the city welcome more people to be car-free. This film talks about the research project and shows some of the design concepts.

The movies are licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution-NoDerivatives, which means you are welcome to publish them on your channels or show them in different contexts.

Photo and editing: Stefan Wrenfelt

The project web page is closed but parts of the material is presented here instead.

The project is funded by The Swedish Energy Agency  and is a collaboration with Sustainable Innovation  and MID at KTH Royal Institute of Technology as well as the design agency Propeller . The project started in December 2013 and will continue until June 2016.


Project Manager

Teo Enlund