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EcoDesign Circle

Green Leap is part of the project EcoDesign Circle, which is a EU-funded project forming a competence network based on circular economy, ecological design and life cycle design in the Baltic Sea region.

The participating organizations are from Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden. SVID is representing Sweden in collaboration with Green Leap at KTH. The Federal Environment Agency in Germany (UBA) is leading the project.

Within the project we will develop our web-portal Sustainability Guide and also make it available to an international audience. We will also bring forward a number of cases in eco-design and circular economy and present these as short film clips that can be used for example in education.

The project started in May 2016 and will continue until 2019. It is funded through EU’s Interreg Programme.

Learn more at the project's website

Project Manager at SVID

Anna Velander Gisslén
Ph. +46 708-95-65-20

Contact at Green Leap